Welcome to The Boudoir Café! We’re thrilled to share the magic of our boudoir photographers with you. Nestled in the heart of Las Vegas, we’ve been in business for decades. Cherie and Hedley are a creative duo that established The Boudoir Café decades ago. They have a deep passion for photography and have traveled the world capturing Hollywood celebrities and everyday women alike. Cherie was the first female photographer for The Toronto Sun. She brings a wealth of experience. Hedley, a renowned DJ and radio personality, adds his unique creative touch. As you can see, they are so involved in the art world! They were even married at Burning Man! For years, they have been speakers for Nikon because they love sharing their expertise with a wider audience.

Why Boudoir Photography is Art

Let’s be real, boudoir photography is so much more than just sultry photos. It’s about empowerment and expressing who you truly are. Every boudoir shoot we do is designed to highlight your individuality and confidence. We want you to see yourself in a new light and feel amazing about it. It’s not just photography; it’s an art that captures your essence.

The Market for Artistic Boudoir Photographers

If you haven’t noticed, the buzz around boudoir photography is growing, especially among Millennials and Gen Z. These generations are all about empowerment and celebrating themselves. They crave art that’s personal and reflective of their journey. That’s where we come in, offering boudoir sessions that create unique, intimate art pieces perfect for this trend.

Selling Boudoir Photography as Art

Selling boudoir photography as art? We have it covered! We use online platforms to share our work, making digital art sales and custom prints accessible to everyone. Plus, we collaborate with art galleries and cultural events to showcase our photos, adding an extra touch of sophistication and artistry.

Success Stories: Our Boudoir Portfolio

Our portfolio is filled with success stories that highlight the transformative power of boudoir photography. Each session is a journey, turning moments into timeless art that our clients cherish. We’ve received countless testimonials from women who felt empowered and more confident after seeing themselves through our lens. It’s all about celebrating you.

Why Choose Our Boudoir Photographers

Why should we speak at Nikon USA? The answer is simple: we’re redefining boudoir photography as art. Furthermore, we’re pushing boundaries and inspiring other photographers to see boudoir- not just as a genre but as a form of artistic expression that empowers women.

And here’s a little something extra: our photographers can bring their equipment right to your suite at any of the world-class resorts in Vegas, like The Fontainebleau. Imagine a luxurious, private boudoir session without even leaving your room. It’s all about making you feel comfortable and fabulous.

At The Boudoir Café, we understand that life is full of special occasions, each bringing memories you’ll cherish for a lifetime. Whether it’s a milestone birthday, an anniversary, or just a celebration of you, we design our boudoir sessions to capture these moments with iconic photos. These aren’t just pictures; they’re artworks that reflect your journey and individuality.

So, let’s toast to The Boudoir Café! A unique boudoir studio, where we’re turning intimate moments into masterpieces. Let’s cheers to celebrating you!

The Boudoir Café is a boutique boudoir, engagement, wedding, and maternity team of photographers based in Las Vegas & Los Angeles. They specialize in an upscale glamor style. Explore their portfolios here. Learn more about the dedicated team here. Want to book video or photography services?

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