We were so happy to see this great article that one of our favorite Photo Magazines wrote about our Boudoir Cafe and how we do things and make women feel fabulous doing our photoshoots. There were an unprecedented 10 photos in this article and a lot of info on us and our techniques for making the boudoir photography experience super fun, exciting with the end results being kick ass photos and iconic memories that will last a lifetime. Please read our article and I feel that the great writer Barry Tanenbaum really got into our hearts and our minds to uncover some really interesting thoughts and ideas of how we do what we do. He delves into the alluring and creativity that goes into doing boudoir photography and the mindsets we have while doing what we do. he called us some of the best boudoir photographers in the country and we are very thankful for this great title.

We attached the pages of the article so you could actually see the magazine and the story instead of a link!!!

Thank you to all my girls and clients that always seem to say yeas to us for using their private images for this article. Also to all the great shoe designers that make the most amazing and wonderful shoes of all time. We love you all!!!

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