Well working doing Boudoir photography for all kinds of fabulous women is work too!!  LOL..Not really we love it all…We love the faces of our girls when they get their photos and the joy this entire experience brings to our clients. In a world of so many weird things that happen to women from other countries and the turmoil and actual slavery that most women on the planet find themselves in we in North America are some of the luckiest women on the planet. We are free to be women and express ourselves as women. I am thrilled that we get to be apart of this amazing movement to help women be free and empowered and totally able to express anything they want to and not be persecuted for any of it. We need to keep our freedoms in tact.

Here is a small montage of some of our work lately. We hope you enjoy it. Some of the most fabulous, luscious women we have had the honor of photographing.