The reason every girl needs to do a boudoir shoot is to have that time to reset the sexy button on their life and remember that being a woman is the greatest gift in life that can be given.

We have been revered throughout history since the beginning! Women have somehow lost their way and because history is now a thing of the past and no one seems to care the ideas and concepts that women are the amazing creatures that are Gods gift to men and the world itself is a forgotten idea. If only the girls of today would read and find the history of women and see how this is such a gift to be shared to everyone. We feel that with every woman that steps through our doors. I know the history and I know how urgent it is to spread this gift of knowledge to the women of today. We must remember and not forget and keep our gifts and be able to sweetly use them for mankind! We are the strength of the earth and we have the power and we must know that!


Why you want to do this shoot for yourself

I must say that I am not a writer and have always thought that I really did not like to write…I am a photographer and make the images that I love of women but this morning I woke up and as a boudoir photographer shooting boudoir in Los Angeles and being a Las Vegas Boudoir photographer as well it is the gift I have been given in my life and I wanted to share my thoughts in writing about how great I thought women are!  Please don’t forget!

You will have the time of your life and we will be there to save you!! We want you to really enjoy your experience with us and we know you will always remember this day forever!


To the beautiful woman in the photo. God Bless you Darlin’— xoxoxo