Hi Boudoir Beauties!

As you may know, The Boudoir Café does a full hair and makeup session just for you before your boudoir photoshoot.

During makeup, one question Hedley, me, and our makeup artiste always get asked is, “Where in the world do you, and the girls you photograph, get such long, full, amazing lashes?”

_DSC3128rbwUsually, for most boudoir photo sessions, our team at The Boudoir Cafe sees girls come in asking for fake lashes; or have gotten eyelash extensions beforehand (especially if it’s for a special occasion like a wedding.)

Our makeup artiste personally prefers the fake eyelashes. They add volume and sexiness in a pinch! You can bat those beauties at the camera for hours!

But, while both fake eyelashes and eyelash extensions have both been on the market for quite a while (and have some proven great results — as you can see from many of our photos) they do have their downsides.

The thing about these two products is:

1. Fake lashes are just that: fake. They are glued on, and they fall off. Yes, they will stay on for the duration of your shoot (and probably for the rest of the day); and The Boudoir Cafe team will make sure of this. But there is just something so sad about them falling out 24 hours later, when you felt so confident in them just hours before.

2. Eyelash extensions: somewhat dangerous. It is a process of literally gluing fake eyelashes onto your real eyelashes, but permanently. But, again, there is no guarantee that this is permanent at all. Another problem? They don’t look all too real either. They essentially look like fake eyelashes, but permanently attached to your skin. Pretty gnarly.

SO what’s the solution then? As women get older, and the more eye products we use (especially mascara, which most of us have been using — let’s be honest — since we were like 13) we see more and more eyelash hairs fall out — almost every day!! Just look at your makeup wipes ladies! As a result, we see our lashes get sparse, thinner. And we don’t see them grow back either. Actually, it is scientifically proven that when individual eyelashes fall out of our hair follicles, they do have the potential to grow back. However, when eyelashes fall out in clumps (and admit it, you’ve seen it happen) these do not grow back.

And that means no more sexy batting of the eyelashes, or perfect come-hither winks.

DSC_2715 krystal

But! Our team at The Boudoir Cafe has a wonderful solution for you.

You may have heard of the product Latisse, and we’re here to tell you it actually works! Members of The Boudoir Cafe team, including myself, have been testing the product and results have been amazing. Within two weeks, you see naturally longer lashes!

This is no gimmick, ladies. I have friends, family, coworkers who all swear the same: within weeks, their eyelashes look brand new — and longer and fuller than ever!

Even better, the side effects are proven not to be dangerous. Nor is the lash length and volume permanent. If you were to become dissatisfied with it, you can simply stop using the product and your eyelashes go straight back to normal within a few days!

But I’m telling you, as a top secret Boudoir Cafe confidential, that Latisse is the way to go if you want strong, long beautiful eyelashes that are natural and long-lasting! They look great in photoshoots, especially when our expert makeup artiste applies eye makeup to extenuate those beautiful eyes of yours.

Within a couple weeks, you see a noticeable difference as Latisse makes your lashes thicker, fuller, longer, and darker. Coincidentally (or not so coincidentally) this is the perfect time frame for you to book your Boudoir Cafe photoshoot a couple weeks in advance, and then start using the product. You will see a remarkable difference in your final Boudoir Cafe photos (and any other photos) as a result! And, with the added benefit of our super-talented makeup artiste (who can, and will apply eye makeup including even more lashes!) you literally won’t believe your eyes!

To learn more about Latisse products, visit their website here; and to learn more about our own expert hair and makeup team, feel free to contact us at any time!