Setting the mood with sexy music is a key component to having your best boudoir photo shoot! The female form is a beautiful thing to celebrate, and dancing can help bring out your natural S-curve in the best way! It would be a challenge to do a boudoir shoot in total silence! Of course, we have plenty of music variety on hand if you’re too busy. Although, everyone has a different style. That’s why it is a great idea to put together your own sexy playlist that will help you get into your groove while we are doing everything we can to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

Sexy Boudoir Music

While putting together your playlist, pay attention to how each song makes your feel! No matter how much you love a song, definitely don’t include anything that will make you feel sad. You will be vulnerable enough in your lingerie, and maybe drinking champagne with us. We don’t want anything to trigger unhappy memories! Choose the songs that make you feel your most powerful and creative about your sensuality. Consider vocal stars like Beyoncé, Missy Elliot, Jennifer Lopez or anyone that helps bring out that fire from your inner diva! Your final pictures will be mirroring your emotions during your shoot, so all your songs should be helping you beam with fierce confidence!

It’s a good idea to make your playlist at least 2-3 hours long. You will be in the make-up artist’s chair for about an hour being pampered. A long playlist will keep your music flowing fresh from the time you’re getting glamified until the we click the last shot. You will likely want to save this playlist for a sultry date night in the future. Also, anytime you want to reconnect with that sense of self-empowerment you felt during your boudoir session with us!

Boudoir Playlist Ideas

Here’s a Spotify super sexy boudoir playlist to help give you ideas:

We also love Buddha Bar compilations for their ability to transport us in far off places!

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