Happy autumn darlings!

Sooo not only is The Boudoir Cafe the #1 best boudoir photographer in LA, we also happen to be one of the top general photographers as well! Yes, our boudoir is renowned — but so is the work of our other photo studio, CherieFoto.


My style — and indeed the style of Hedley and everyone on our wonderful team — tends to the innovative, the imaginative, the whimsical, and (often) reaches into the deep recesses of the sublime. Truly, there is no one word that can define our aesthetic. Every photograph is different, every photograph reveals a new realm of art.


One of the most intriguing subjects in art has been, and continues to be, the art of the portrait. Ever since human beings learned to draw, they began to draw the individuals around them. It speaks to our unending desire to learn about others, to draw them closer to ourselves, to glimpse into what is unknown to us: the workings of a human being. Portraits, in and of themselves, have layers upon layers upon layers of meaning. From the pose to the facial expression and all the way to the background, within a portrait is hidden a never-before-seen perception of an individual, that can last forever.


Our team at both The Boudoir Cafe and CherieFoto strive to provide intimate personal portraits. Our portraits are contemporary. They speak to the art of womanhood. They are portraits that nestle themselves into the art of the woman.


The Boudoir Cafe and CherieFoto personal portraits are the most unique form of portraiture around. Our portraits capture you, your essence, your aura, your desires, your feminine grace, and (most importantly) your personality as an individual. Me and my team work with you in order to achieve the most personable, creative portrait possible. One that represents you and all of your multilayered, wonderful, fantastic facets.


Yes, a picture can say a thousand words. But a portrait of you from The Boudoir Cafe or CherieFoto can say more than a million.


Wishing you sugar, pumpkin spice and everything naughty and nice,


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