Okay, we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: curvy is beautiful. Girls, your curves are the reasons men drool after you. Men don’t have curves. They’re all angles, squares, and straight lines. The soft curves of your body are fascinating to them, they crave to get to know the wonders of them.

That being said, sometimes we want to tone up. Sometimes, we don’t feel too comfortable with every single centimeter of our curves. And that isn’t a problem. Yes, mainstream media has put this idea of the “perfect female body” into our head. But we’re smart enough to know that that is a bunch of hocus pocus. All of our bodies are already perfect. But, self-confidence often relies on what makes us feel comfortable within our own skin… And sometimes that means dropping that last five to ten pounds of that little bitty weight that is clinging onto us.

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Now, our healthy and body experts here at The Boudoir Café have a completely easy way to lose that last 5-10 pounds easily! (A piece of advice and self-care which is only one of the many little extra dashes of sweetness that keep us as the #1 Boudoir Photographers in LA and Las Vegas!)

This plan requires no unnecessary fuss, no expensive equipment to buy, nothing to count or measure, and really – nothing to even buy, that you may not already be buying! Yes, you can begin this lovely Boudoir Café diet as soon as you are done reading this article!

Are you ready for it? The super simple, easy, and manageable method of losing that few stubborn pounds is to just eat protein, vegetables, and fruit! This is probably a diet some of you have heard before. And there is a scientifically proven reason why it works: A diet of protein, vegetables and fruit is equivalent to what our ancestors (those hard working hunters and gatherers) used to fill their bodies with. And, with all the added physical work they did during the day (much the same way you are exerting your own body by perhaps walking to work, or going grocery shopping, or maybe doing that extra bit of cardio by taking a stroll around the block after dinner) it easily burned off these healthy calories, stabilizing and energizing the human system.

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Truly, The Boudoir Café assures you that this will not at all require any drastic changes to your diet. It really ends up about being cutting out carbs and starches and dairy… But it is also scientifically proven that not only do these two food groups add weight very easily; it is also proven by evolutionary biology that these two food groups are difficult for our homosapien bodies to digest in the first place – because starches and carbs and dairy were not part of our original diet plan, from the very beginning. We hold onto the weight from processed and inorganic food products so easily because they are not naturally really meant to be in our body anyway!

So here’s what we, at The Boudoir Café, personally recommend you do if you are feeling a little insecure about that extra few pounds: eat healthy, eat natural, and be the bad, hunting and gathering woman you once were eras ago. If it’s not grown or made by nature, don’t eat it! I mean, we don’t totally recommend you get completely down with your bad self and go and hunt and gather in the wilderness for yourself (unless you’re into that, in which case we totally approve… you go girl!). Really, a quick trip to the grocery store should suffice.


Personally, I lost 12 pounds in just 2 months! Doctors even say that losing 5-6 pounds per month is the healthy average at which to lose weight – and keep it off, too! Even better… I am never hungry! For example, my guilty pleasures are sweet potato fries and a hamburger. Instead of this, I choose to eat half of a baked sweet potato (because it does still count as a starch… make sure to still treat yourself, diet isn’t a punishment at all!!) and a burger without the buns. I have sausage and eggs for breakfast; and a huge salad with tuna for lunch. At night, I treat myself to some fruit for dessert!

And then, when you find those tinsie-insie pounds slipping away (and the time it takes for this to happen varies from woman to woman, as our metabolisms all hold and lose weight in extremely different ways), and you see yourself standing in front the mirror more and thinking, “I am the most beautiful of them all” – give The Boudoir Café a call, because we have the perfect photoshoot, pampering, and Queen for a Day experience that will make you feel, “Yes, this is my body, and I own it, and I am proud of it. It does so much for me, and I do so much for it. I am beautiful and strong, and I never want to forget that for the rest of my life.” And you have found the right people to call: the supporting, caring and best boudoir photographers in LA and Las Vegas, The Boudoir Café, promises that we will capture that forever-moment.