It suddenly occurred to me as we were shooting our most recent clients this week, that Cherie and I have a very unique shooting style.

We shoot side-by-side with different cameras and different lenses and we get two different perspectives at the same time using a combination.

Flash and Continuous Light
We are constantly pushing to get the next great shot. All the while making the clients get over their fears of being the subject and being photographed we create a party atmosphere with great music and drink.

Our last clients were a couple that came to us for a boudoir shoot and we had to think about how to add a man into the mix.

We have not been photographing couples, so this seemed like a good opportunity to explore further. #couplesboudoir.

Traditionally, the men are never on the boudoir set unless he is the photographer. In this case, however, the man who is part of the couple. He was very much in love with his woman so the emotion was already there. They had great fashion sense too, which is always a kick to complement!

They brought samples of images they were interested in and Champagne with glasses. I could get use to this!

Lighting is the most important aspect of our work, next to the cameras themselves, and we use a multitude of lights in order to create the specific mood we want.

Photographing couples was not what we had planned necessarily when we created The Boudoir Café several years ago, but we can see that by including the men, we can push the boundaries of what has become known as boudoir. “Fifty Shades of Grey” seems to have surely sparked a couple’s interests in experimenting with sexuality and eroticism and heck, let’s bring that to the photoshoot as well! We are open to ideas! See our website for not only boudoir but also passionate portraiture:

(Dynalite, Elenchrom, ProPhoto, Mole Richardson and our personal favorite the Lowell GL-1 Power LED) 
(For cameras I use the Nikon D810 my favorite DSLR and Cherie uses the much lighter Nikon D750 with all the Nikon Prime lenses)