We have recently had the pleasure of being flown out to The South of France & Monaco for a few Boudoir photography shoots! What can I say??? It’s fabulous!!!! As we know, Monaco is like playground of some of the most beautiful women! Everyone is gorgeous and really well dressed. Hence, what could be a better location than a classic hotel overlooking the sparkling Mediterranean Sea? After this brief taste, we are excited to come back and do more boudoir photography in Monaco.

Our mission does not feel complete. They all need an amazing Monaco style boudoir photo shoots. We are able to bring out the erotic side of women. Looking back at the images after the shoot, several women have asked us “Is that really me?” They look like the movie stars that they are!!! What’s even more important to us, is that we helped these women feel like movie stars.

We were overjoyed to get this opportunity to work in one of our favorite places in the world, but we had to ask ourselves “why didn’t they just hire a local photographer?” Thus, we did some research online. It turns out that there truly aren’t any high caliber boudoir photographers on The French Riviera or in Monaco! They need us! Consequently, we have decided to go back as often as possible!

Best Hotels for Boudoir in Monaco:

Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo

Hôtel Hermitage Monte-Carlo

Hotel Metropole Monte-Carlo

Port Palace Hôtel

The Boudoir Café photographers are some of the absolute best across America, and now expanding that name across the globe. Based mostly in Las Vegas, our photographers often get flown out to shoot wherever our clients desire! And we love making your fantasies into photos, so you can immortalize them forever! Contact us to discuss your most desired destination for your dream photo-shoot!!