We had an amazing few days shooting some serious Boudoir at the amazing Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas in the Penthouse Suite….OMG is all i can say….

It was magic…..Las Vegas is becoming our new headquarters and we are shooting there as much as we are shooting in LA now…..Or we have alot of girls wanting something different and flying here to shoot with us…..from Vegas…It is all very exciting….That people from all over the country now are finding us….

We had a group of women from Paris and my favorite neighborhood St. Germaine (the Beverly Hills of Paris) girlfriends since they were in grade school all very established business women. They decided to come to LV and do this fantasy experience with The Boudoir Café!!!

We shot for 2 days in the Penthouse Suite at the Bellagio and it really was magic for all of us. A real experience and life altering feeling……Then we shot an amazing world traveling adventurer straight off a safari in Africa….Cannot post any pics but this one was ok….to post we were told…..!!!

We are making art for people to put on their walls and guests will not even know the photo is them….like this one….

Thank you girls for all the wonderful memories and fun!!! Also some really amazing imagery that we will blow up very soon!!!