We absolutely love using props in our boudoir studio!!!! They set the scene and tell a story. Having something in the subject’s hand also brings her to life. Not only is she a glamorous woman, but seeing how she interacts with different objects can tell us something about her personality too. As photographers, we are playing ‘make believe’ and transporting our clients into inaccessible worlds.

Best Boudoir Studio Mirrors

The best thing about using a mirror is that it shows off more angles of your body! There’s also something very intimate about a woman admiring herself. We especially love mirrors with oversized elaborate gold gilded frames. Nothing screams luxury more!

Antique Furniture

We collect way too much of this stuff! Quality is key here, so nothing we keep looks drab or cheap. The biggest favorite is our gold settee. It has gold gilded wooden trim and a luxurious brocade. It’s important to us to pose women in ways that show off their S-curve. The couch helps and also gives clients a respite from all the standing poses. Also, we have some fancy headboards to use with the studio bed. Whenever clients prefer to shoot in their hotel room, the headboard of the bed is one of the first things we look at.


We fell in love with Venetian masks on our trip to Venice years ago! They are a relic of the height of the Italian Renaissance. The aristocracy would wear them to escape the rigidity of social expectations, and go out for wild nights of debauchery. We have a variety of styles though! Lace always looks sexy. Bunny or cat masks can add a fetish flair to the images.

Endless Props

All in all, one of the keys to being the best boudoir photographers is to only use high-end props. We could go on and on about each treasure we’ve picked up at antique shops and boutiques all over the globe! But, those stories are best in person…

Nikon shared some of our best boudoir studio tips, including our favorite props. You can read about it on their website: https://www.nikonusa.com/en/learn-and-explore/a/ideas-and-inspiration/a-peek-inside-the-boudoir-ready-on-the-set-go-with-cherie-steinberg.html

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